Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lollibop Childrens Festival

Friday 5th August was a glorious sunny day. The sort of day that happens very rarely during an English summer.Blue skies, soaring temperatures and no clouds threatening to spoil the fun.

What an excellent day to take Daisy and Piper to Lollibop, the childrens festival held in Regents Park London between 5th and 8th August.

In fact, it was an even better day when you consider that on the 8th the heavens opened and the road outside Euston Railway station was flooded within minutes!

On a glorious day like this the temptation is to make the most of every moment, and that's exactly what Daisy, Piper, Mummy & Daddy did on their visit to Lollibop.

This first photo shows Mummy and Daisy trying to find some much needed shelter from the raging sun. It always seems a shame to have sunny skies and then need to take shelter, but with a 7 month old you can't take risks. Daisy was covered in the highest possible factor suncream but a friend of ours recently covered her little boy in suncream before he set off to spend a day with his Dad and when he came back his protection hadn't been topped up all day and the poor little soul was burnt and had to visit outpatients because of his severe sunburn!So Mummy and Daisy took no risks with the sun.

Grumpsie always takes Daisy and Piper into his garden and shows them the leaves on various plants. He encourages them to grab the leaves and shake the trees....hence why Daisy was reaching for the branches of this bit of very welcome shade!

One of the first characters the girls bumped into was 'Bob the Builder'. They both gazed at him in complete awe! One of the brilliant things about Lollibop is that the 'characters' were available to pose for photos. We now have some fantastic pictures of Piper and Daisy posing happily with Ben and Holly, Peppa Pig and of course Bob.

Although meeting the characters was a highlight for Mummy and Daddy, the girls were equally happy with the other pursuits on offer at Lollibop.
Piper was particularly thrilled to visit the facepainting area. In went Piper and out came a beautiful butterfly.

The day was so hot that by evening the butterfly had been rubbed all over Piper's face, but she still couldn't wait to get home and show Grandma, Grumpsie and Auntie Linds how gorgeous she looked!
Although Piper, along with everyone else was wilting under the heat of the sun, she found time to bounce on the huge bouncing area. Isn't it funny how there can be so many new experiences for children to try yet they will always want to do the simple things like bouncing?

If anyone has an opportunity to go along to the Lollibop festival next year I would definitely encourage you to do it. At the 2011 event, without doubt, a fantastic time was had by everyone!

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