Thursday, 28 June 2012

Next, Mummy Stylist blogger competition!

I’ve always quite fancied being a stylist to the stars but as it’s extremely unlikely that Cheryl or Kate (or let’s face it, anyone else) will have heard of me, instead I’ve got the chance to style my own little star – Daisy – for this fabulous Mummy blogger competition with Next.

Those lovely people at All Baby Advice Blog are hosting the competition on their site. Go here to find out more:

You might notice a ‘Daisy’ theme throughout my choices of a gorgeous children’s outfit.
I know that when Daisy grows up she is going to reject all attempts to dress her in cute items that match her name, so I’m going to make the most of it while she is still happy to be dressed in whatever is chosen for her.

My first choice is these beautiful Navy Daisy Print leggings. They are an absolute bargain at £3 -£4. These are very pretty and very practical. I have bought leggings from Next before and like the quality. Some cheaper leggings from other shops have suffered under the extreme quality testing that Daisy puts her clothes through. She really needs items that allow her to run, jump, splash, stretch, curl up into a small ball and generally keep moving 24 hours a day!

On the theory of why have just one T shirt when a pack of three is so reasonably priced, my next choice is this three pack of Daisy short sleeved T shirts. I particularly love the red one with the huge Daisy but the yellow one would also easily fit into my ‘styled’ outfit. At just £10 to £16 (depending on size) these T shirts are again a great value buy.

Obviously, every British Summer outfit needs a raincoat so choice number three is this fab little printed jacket.  Colour clash is all the rage this year so this green jacket over the red t shirt would look fantastic and be right on trend. I love jackets that are not too fitted because Daisy is such a little live wire that I don’t want her to be restricted.

Finally to footwear. Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for as Daisy does love to splash in muddy puddles. She has numerous pairs of wellies but for a summer outing I’d love to complete her outfit with these beautiful Eva Mules. Oh look, they have a flower on them – how surprising! In these mules she could happily play on sand or in water but they also have enough support to hold her gorgeous little feet when she is running around chasing her big sister Piper.

So that’s my chosen outfit. An absolute snip at less than £45 in total. With the combination of T shirts this means Daisy has 3 different looks for £15 each! 

Well done Next for offering such a gorgeous selection. 

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