Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fancy winning an I-pad?

Looking at my photo above of the various appliances I already own that allow internet access you might wonder why I need another. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me begin…..

My TV allows access to the internet and obviously via my digibox I can access catch up TV such as BBC I-player or BT Vision On Demand services. I can plug in games consoles via the HTMI and SCART links and play to my heart’s content – BUT…….. It’s not really practical for the train is it? 

Apart from the fact that I’d need to cart my heavy TV and digibox along with me, the digibox needs access to both a TV aerial and a phone line. So portably internet on the move via the TV isn’t a viable option…….NEXT????

I love my laptops (and yes, all 3 of the full sized laptops are mine) and I use them constantly when I’m at home. Why do I have 3? Well I started with one and was quite happily surfing and playing on it each night but I kept being disturbed by other members of the family asking when they could use it for checking their e-mail, social media sites, etc. or just watching Raa-Raa or ‘In the Night Garden’ via You Tube. So I bought a second laptop to save them queuing up to use the one I already had.

So why a third? Hmmm, probably the least said the better about the damage Daisy managed to do to my original one! Suffice to say the screen magically smashed itself, leaving me unable to view anything at all on that one. So I went out and bought yet another….at which point someone much cleverer than me asked why I hadn’t just replaced the damaged screen. So I searched the web for a new screen, replaced it and lo and behold my original laptop was back up and running again!

The little red notebook was an impulse buy from a certain famous shopping site just before we went on holiday to France last year. I can’t bear to be away from facebook, twitter and e-mail for a whole week so I thought a lightweight notebook would be a great compromise. It was much, much cheaper than buying an I-pad (which I secretly coveted,) and there would be no need to  use precious luggage allowance to carry a full size laptop but I’d still be able to surf to my heart’s content.

Not so I’m afraid – what a con! (Yes I did leave feedback to that effect but it didn’t make any difference.) The notebook has a really old operating system that wouldn’t let me access e-mail, facebook or twitter. For some reason I could get you tube although it was incredibly slow to load – and the operating system wouldn’t support any of the numerous webcams I bought to try and Skype to the folks back home. So this appliance tends to sit, unwanted and unloved, on my bookcase. It makes a very pretty ornament but that’s about all it’s good for!

Next, my phone – not one of the most up to date phones I admit, but I love it and would be lost without it. Yes my phone is lightweight. Yes my phone can access email, facebook, twitter, you tube, etc, etc. Yes my phone can take pictures. BUT – it’s slow, it can only cope with one task at a time, and the screen is so tiny I need super specs to view it.

What I really need is something lighter than a laptop so I can carry it abroad. It must have a big screen for games, viewing videos, looking at pictures on facebook, etc. It must be able to Skype. It must be able to take pictures and allow me to upload them instantly to facebook or twitter. Finally, it must be easy to use with the latest operating system already loaded.

What I really need is an I-pad! If only there was a way to get hold of one without spending any more of my limited budget on computing equipment. Well readers, I’m pleased to say that there is. Those lovely people at Find Me A Gift are running a competition to win an i-pad! Yes I did say ‘win’. Yes that does mean get one free! The competition runs until 31st August and details can be found via this link:

If I were you I wouldn’t enter (because that gives me a better chance of winning!) but if anyone does win and then wants to find a good home for an old lightweight computer….you know where I am ;-)

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