Monday, 6 August 2012

Daisy meets Myleene

Friday was a brilliant day and I have to send very grateful thanks to the lovely people at Start Rite shoes who invited us to London on Friday to meet Myleen Klass at the Autumn / Winter launch of their childrens shoe range.

We were lucky enough to be chosen as one set of winners of a recent Pinterest competition ‘My Start Rite Inspiration’ and were invited to the Russell and Bromley store in Westfield shopping centre to meet the very lovely Myleene Klass.

Mar –Mar (Daisy’s name for Grandma), Mummy & Daisy set off for London, imagining that the trains would be incredibly busy due to the Olympics, but in fact the train was very quiet.
We have to say a big thank you to the lovely gent sitting opposite us who offered to take a photo of us. I bet he wished he hadn’t bothered when Daisy thanked him by letting rip with the biggest, wettest, sneeze and covering him in something quite unpleasant – oops!

As we arrived at Euston station we received a call from our taxi driver telling us where he was waiting for us. We felt so special being met at the station and driven across the city to Westfield Shopping Centre. The roads were as quiet as the train had been. We had seen on the news that London streets were surprisingly quiet and we can certainly confirm this was the case on Friday!

Our excitement was rising as we reached the Russell and Bromley store and could see photographers already taking pictures of Myleene. She really is gorgeous. I was so jealous of her amazing shoes and beautiful glossy dark hair.
On TV Myleene looks pretty and petite but in real life she is even more so. She completely put us to shame with her amazingly slim figure. (Both Mar-mar and Mummy are now on diets!) 

The nicest surprise though was how lovely she is. I’ve met some celebs previously and not been particularly impressed, but I was completely blown away by how friendly Myleene was.

Typically, just as we arrived at the store, Daisy was reaching her usual nap time and began to get very cranky. She really didn’t want to have her feet measured, or sit still while Myleene fitted her with a gorgeous pair of golden shoes. 

Myleene was completely brilliant. She was sympathetic to Daisy’s tiredness and spoke quietly to her and tried to entertain her with cards and balloons. She even commented that in a few years time Daisy would be much more likely to want to go shoe shopping!

The lovely people at Start Rite gave us a voucher for shoes for Daisy. We were told we could select some from the store or bring the voucher home and choose some from a store near home. We decided to wait because of how tired Daisy was, so we are now looking forward to being able to have another girly shopping day and choosing some lovely shoes from the Autumn / Winter range.

Daisy dropped off to sleep almost immediately as we left the store so Mummy & Mar-Mar spent a couple of hours wandering around Westfield, buying some gifts from the Disney store for Daisy and to bring home for Piper and also buying a huge London 2012 British Lion to remind us of our visit to London during the time of the Olympic Games.

We had a fabulous time. Thanks again to Start Rite for choosing us as winners and thank you so much to the delightful Ms Klass. A lovely lady who made our day.

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