Monday, 20 August 2012

win a 20 x 28 inch canvas from

The lovely Mirka at All Baby Advice blog is currently running a giveaway to bloggers for the chance to win a 20 x 28 inch canvas from

This prompted me to dig through my recent photos and find a picture I’d love to have blown up on canvas.

I settled on a recent set of pictures from a sunny day last week (yes, we have had at least one sunny day this summer) where Piper and Daisy decided that it was far too nice to come inside at lunchtime and they wanted to have a picnic in the garden.
My favourite photo from that day is this one of the girls enjoying their sandwiches. 

Why do I love this one? Well, it’s so wrong that it’s just right. (If you get my drift.)

Firstly, this was the day that Piper got some new, flowery sandals. She could hardly wait to get home before trying them on and deciding that these were her chosen footwear for the rest of the day. You’ll notice that she didn’t even bother to take the sticker off the bottom. So her ‘new’ sandals are now immortalised forever on a photo.

The next thing wrong with this picture is Daisy’s bowl. Yes, this was taken in August and yes, she is eating out of a bowl with Santa on it! Which is typical of Daisy – she is very opinionated and loves to eat from this bowl. So regardless of the time of year, this is the one that comes out each mealtime!

Although it’s obviously usual for the subjects of a photo to be looking at the camera, the fact that neither of them is paying attention is another thing that is so typical of the girls. Both of them are incredibly nosey and  as I took this photo they both looked towards the house because Daddy had just stepped out of the patio doors and they wanted to see what he was up to.

Although  Mirka only asked for a blog post to include the picture that we would like to see on canvas, I have to show the other shots taken around this one. This is just to demonstrate how difficult it is to get a shot of Piper and Daisy when both of them are looking at the camera.

First we started off with a picture where Daisy is quite obviously saying 'Cheese'.

Then we had one where Daisy was chattering away while Piper admired her new sandals.

Then came a picture where they were 'sharing' their biscuits.

Followed by one where neither of them were paying any attention to the camera at all! It was at this point in the day that I decided to give up and accept we were unlikely to get a picture of them both looking at the camera without gurning!

Whatever did we do before we had digital cameras? If I had been using a standard camera with film, I wouldn’t have known how much they were enjoying chatting, eating and being nosey, until the prints were returned.

If you would like to enter for the chance to win a fabulous 20 x 28 inch canvas from, with  a picture of your own choice, check out the giveaway on Mirka’s blog here

Good luck and I hope you have as much fun deciding on a photo as I did.

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