Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ask a question for a Chance to Win a Bike!

picture taken from Jenny Craig website

To celebrate the launch of the new Jenny Craig website and blog, those lovely folk at are giving people the chance to win a £400 contribution towards a new bike and other amazing prizes.

How? How? I hear you shout. 

It’s so easy. All they want are your diet and nutrition questions for their blog! If you’d like to have a go you can find out more on their blog here:

Jenny Craig are an online site with weight management experts who can tailor a diet to suit your own needs. 

In the coming months they will be answering all questions on their blog, so if you’ve always wondered if a certain food myth was true or what you should be ordering off a restaurant menu when on a diet, now is your chance to find out!

I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I’m vegetarian by choice and gluten free by necessity. This means that I’m incredibly restricted in the foods I can eat. I’m not actually a huge fan of food. Probably because of the restrictions on my diet! 

I remember once when my best friend and I were driving home from a long day at work and she was drooling over the thought of what she would have for dinner. She asked what I would have and I replied that I didn’t really care.

She then asked, if I could have anything at all for my ‘last meal' what would it be? I thought for a while and then said – ‘Actually I can’t think of anything in particular. I’m not that bothered about food.’ My friend nearly drove into a ditch! She was horrified at the thought that anyone could be so disinterested in food.

Because of this disinterest in food, I genuinely don’t eat much. I know everyone who is overweight probably says that but I honestly don’t! 

I know for a fact that I don’t over-eat because I have to keep a diet diary for the dietician at my hospital and she agrees that I eat healthily.

So I’m actually quite keen on finding a diet and nutrition plan that sends the right foods to my door to help me lose weight. Jenny Craig sounds ideal! 

So, here is my question for their blog (and I really, really hope their experts have the answer!) 

Considering my already restricted diet (i.e. vegetarian and gluten free), do you have a diet plan I could follow to help me lose weight? 

I'll be eagerly checking the blog for their answer! 

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