Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Meeting Tom Cruise and a review of his new movie Oblivion

Grandma got extremely excited recently when a 'congratulations' e-mail arrived from Universal films.

Universal had been running a competition to coincide with the European launch of the new Tom Cruise movie - Oblivion. The premier was taking place in Dublin and the competition prize was amazing - collection from home in a private car, transported to Farnborough airport for a private plane to Dublin, a meal at Chapter One Restaurant, an overnight stay at the Westbury Hotel on Grafton Street, spending money and best of all the opportunity to meet the star of the movie - Tom Cruise.
The Red Carpet and crowds waiting for the arrival of Tom Cruise

Each individual part of this prize would have been stunning but the complete package was incredible. Check out Grandma & Grumps below posing in front of the plane. Quite a departure from the usual rush to get a seat on Ryanair! Apparently this was the plane used by George Michael on his most recent tour of the UK.

When the plane 'parked' in Dublin it was alongside Tom Cruise's own plane. No early glimpse of the star at the airport though.
Grandma and Grumps decide what they will spend their lottery winnings on (if they ever win!)
Then it was limo's all the way in Dublin - how to make people feel like stars!

An upmarket alternative to the usual airport transfer
All of these amazing experiences were of course leading up to the main event. Meeting Tom Cruise and then watching the new movie at the premiere. There were lots of nerves on show as the lucky winners assembled at Tom's hotel but when the man himself arrived in the 'meet and greet' room he was a delight - happy to chat to everyone, talking about what he had been doing during the day (visiting the Guiness factory) and generally being charming and friendly.

Ignore all the rubbish you've read about him being small - he's perfect. Grandma is pleased to report that he wasn't too 'Hollywood glossy'. He looked well groomed but natural with a lovely glow but not the fakeness that might be expected of a Hollywood star.

Here's the amazing photo of Grumps, Grandma and Tom Cruise. Grandma refuses to admit what her right hand was doing ;-)

Grumps, Tom Cruise and Grandma - look at those smiles!
So, enough about the build up - what was the movie actually like?

Well, we have conflicting views. Grandma liked it and Grumps didn't understand it! Although Grandma thought it was a clever movie with plenty of twists and turns right up to the last few minutes, Grumps and the rest of the winners were more cautious. Grandma spent the Limo ride back to the aiport explaining the movie to everyone, so unless you are a sci-fi fan the plot of this film could leave you wondering what was going on.

Oblivion is set in the future when Earth has been destroyed and Tom Cruise plays a character who resides on a space platform and returns to the Earth's surface to clean up debris. On one of his trips to Earth he discovers that his understanding of how Earth was destroyed is completely false and he begins to learn the meaning of flashbacks he is having from before his memory was wiped to maintain security.

I'm obviously not going to give away the plot here, other than to say that when the movie appears to be ending there is still another twist to come.

Oblivion is in cinemas from April 10th. If you are a sci fi fan, go and enjoy it. If you're not a sci fi fan - be prepared to be confused!

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